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Pagasi Journal starting the beginner classes!

Second day in a row! This is how habits are made! It actually feels really good reviewing all the basics, I can feel them solidifying in my brain

At the same time I’m resisting looking at my previous apps I was working on because that’s intimidating right now. I should open them up, there are definitely things I want to do with them… maybe tomorrow, small steps

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Welcome back Pagasi! Take it nice and easy. Those memories will come back :slight_smile:

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missed a few days there but I did watch several videos to catch up. Lesson 9 is quite the lesson! really does bring everything together and take the intimidation out of the SwiftUI ContentView file. I also know that you can write apps that combine UIKit and SwiftUI which is good because hopefully I can solve some of the UIKit problems by inserting a SwiftUI page in there on my old apps some day. No rush. I’m taking this slow again, small progress daily… there’s the key.

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still rolling! taking it nice and slow, not pushing for multiple classes, ran some swiftUI buttons today :slight_smile:

okay, took a stab at the swiftUI slots challenge, and thought it would be a piece of cake… turns out when I run it, I get a blank screen… and I have no idea why. I just started commenting out entire blocks of code… at some point this just means that my mac hates me right? like now I’m literally just trying to display two pieces of text with padding between them and I’m getting white screen… maybe a reboot is in order to show this thing who is boss lol. I’ve already lost too much time debugging though, I’ll fight the thing tomorrow