Pagasi Journal starting the beginner classes!

It depends. You can still use either or!!!

Firebase has documentation to show you when you should use which one

baby Nathaniel is here and is so far the most healthy and easy baby I’ve had to date! that’s very helpful isn’t it lol

So its been over a week off, but I hopped in to work on firebase listeners and review a bit on reading data and such… everything is still there, I have to remind myself that I only need a little a day or I’ll just start devouring the thing and then burn out, or just stop doing it because I don’t “have time”. I do have small bits of time and I need to keep using them each day.

in other news my buddy Ray showed me a fancy schmancy API that gives you an AI that you can then train for your specific app… so that’s fun! he sees it as the solution to my audio issues… I suppose it could be… maybe even overkill lol, I know that there are plenty of audio APIs out there that do what I want and way more. but still, that’s way cool, and I suppose it should have been obvious that AI would be a part of programing these days, but that just never occurred to me.

Feeing much better about protocols and delegates, spent a day just watching videos and doing practice apps

Finished up the first module for Firestone, moving into the journal app tomorrow, I’m pretty excited about it

starting Joural app today!

set up the whole Main.storyboard with Chris, then went to open the assistant editor and couldn’t link to the view controller… turns out I did the whole setup in the LaunchScreen.storyboard facepalm

Hmm I can tell that enclosures are a big deal and I’m getting that protocol delegate “this is complicated so go practice it a lot” vibe… tried to go watch some YouTube videos on it… it’s not clicked yet but I will keep on it

I still struggle with closures, don’t feel upset if it doesn’t click immediately.

Yes you’re completely right, just gotta keep practicing

Also, congrats!! :partying_face::partying_face: