Pagasi Journal starting the beginner classes!

Sprites classes have been completed and I’m kinda sad its over, there’s just sooo much here and we’ve barely scratched the surface. any recommendations on where I should go to continue work on Game apps? @fuerte.francis

I plan to move on to programmatic UI for now and I’ll probably follow it with Core ML just to get to the end of the UIKit series… and I still need to slog through the bentos, but two of the apps that I want to write would be best set as a game app with sprites I think. I have a lot to pursue there.

I suggest taking a look at the bentos its really helpful tidbits of info… Will help you experiment more with your apps… For spritekit paul hudson or some other ios tutorial might have some better courses for it… Its quite hard to find an updated spritekit tutorial though

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started the Programmatic UI group of modules, I’m still not sure what to call each section lol. I just inspected the website code and it looks like they are actually called courses. So I started the Programmatic UI Course today and ran through 2 modules pretty quick. this definitely does a good job answering some questions I had and already bugged @MikaelaCaron and @fuerte.francis about lol sorry guys! I suppose I should just do the classes sometimes instead of asking a million questions. I also like the idea of redoing an app from the Foundations Course to add some familiarity to a pretty scary thing like going storyboardless. Well done!

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Its great that you ask actually makes us know that its effective and makes you think :grin:

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Funny you say that. I was working on the Programmatic UI as well.

I was able to build the same practice layout from the foundations course but programmatically. It was a nice exercise which did bring back some nostalgia.

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I decided to get a taste of the Animations course but I feel like I might come back to it another time!

i knew it was the right move to introduce an old layout but different style, it helps keep things familiar :slight_smile:

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halfway through programmatic UI! I again am very much enjoying how laid out it is, every detail that is normally glazed over is being explained and my brain is able to wrap around it.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the names of these sections and I think I got it. The names are Course(Foundations) Module(Module1: The War Card Game) and Lecture/Lesson(Lesson 1: Xcode Essentials). The vernacular on the site is lesson, but in the coding and the url it is referred to as a Lecture. So now I can pinpoint lessons I suppose

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I don’t know if you can pinpoint lessons, unfortunately

It was the same practice layout when auto layout was first introduced. Module 1 Lesson 2 and 3 from the Foundations course.