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Pagasi Journal starting the beginner classes!

fully recovered from everything I lost! I am now pushing forward with more landscape/portrait stuff on a new page… man that feels good. I did get lucky though, my baby decided to actually sleep this morning, I got an entire hour of work to fix up what I had lost, and I had made a list of the things I needed to to, so I just went right down the list really quickly. YAY!

fixed the last view controller’s landscape issues, no more procrastination, I really gotta work on that art… ooooor changing the timer so that it displays minutes and not just seconds, or learn about GameKit for the scoreboard… yeah yeah that sounds fun! lol I’m hopeless sometimes.

So today I decided I would bite the apple developer bullet. I started the application process to be an official individual developer. Apparently there’s an app for that lol. They had me take a pic of my ID, and send in an email to developer customer service and so now I wait. I guess they will contact me when its approved… and then I hope to set up a Leaderboard on the Game Center that I didn’t realize still existed lol.

I really hope I can find some time to work up sufficient artwork to submit this app and be done with version 1.0. There are of course many features I could add but I just wanna get the base product out at this point. And hopefully start a new app! one that will force me to expand a bit of my horizons… just a bit.

On that note I went back and scrolled through the Youtube app tonight trying to work out details on the api and how we connected to it. It really does just seem like a json connection, but there are so many weird init(with decoder: Decode) sprinkled throughout the app that I’m completely not understand what they do or why they are there. very confused… might go rewatch the videos.

Aaand it’s official! I’m a registered Apple developer! To celebrate, I think I’ll take a day off lol! I was able to get about a quarter of the art work done yesterday it was exhausting but hey! Progress!

And now that I have an account I’m gonna try to set up that Game Center leaderboard! @mikaelacaron (congrats on the new wave of GitHub videos I think I stumbled on them before Chris even announced them and watched them all immediately because I was having more GitHub issues, there really should be a warning on checking out a commit… oh wait there is lol Dangit!

Glad you enjoyed them!!

Also congrats!!! You’re almost there! It’s been so great following along with your journey

I barely did anything over spring break, when I did sit down to work it was to work on the art work… I really hate that part mostly because my art straight up sucks, I hate drawing things lol and I’m a little concerned that Apple is gonna look at that art and laugh me out of the App Store. But on the other hand that art is literally the purpose of the app. I wrote the app to use the art as a reminder when someone forgets a note.

Regardless, Today I took a side trip into API land. Ever since @Chris2 posted the monthly weather challenge I’ve been ruminating about it. So the other day I looked back at the UIKit YouTube app to see how he had done it, and I took one look at init(from decoder: ) throws and couldn’t remember anything about what was going on and closed the app. So today I went into the SwiftUI YouTube app and he was using an entirely new framework for the API call? Luckily he also went through the Apple documentation and I saw the init(decoder) throws stuff and then he used it in a model and it did finally start to make a bit of sense. Plus I went back to Watch the UIKit version and saw that all Chris did was use a regular session to make his API call and that the init(decoder)throws stuff seems to just be another way to parse the json coming in.

Sooo I feel a lot better about API calls. I’ve actually set up my own test json file on my own website and successfully pulled the info from it into an app. And it really does seem to be the exact same thing.

Now I’m a bit confused by Google Calender’s API because it seems to only want to work with specific languages and Swift is not one of them? I could work more on that. But basically I get the impression that APIs require you to jump through whatever hoops the company wants to get your key and such. The only thing I don’t have any clue on right now is the OAuth. I don’t recall us ever going over it though I’m sure I just missed it

More artwork… and realizing that the last 15 pieces of work I did are bad. I need vector software but I just don’t have the experience with it so Photoshop it is. I suspect that just saving it at 2x and 3x just makes it blurry in large sizes but so far it’s kinda blurry at any size… so who cares. I still worry that Apple will look at my art and just be like… um no

okay finally finishing up the artwork! still gotta rename the files and do the 2x 3x stuff but at least maybe now I can get back into the actual programming side of things. maybe even an attempt to publish! I’ve sent off some beta testers but nobody is actively testing yet lol, that’s okay. I may just jump to publishing.

Taking a step back, I have a critique of my own. I wrote the app for students but designed it for me. Yeah I should probably have made it more fun for kids to at least look at. Oh well, maybe version 2.0, or even a sister app

Today I worked through several of the getting the app ready to submit foundations courses. I’m a little intimidated by the privacy policy. All over the internet there are privacy policy generators that all want my money, but I look at some examples and there’s California sections of it here and rules for that there… I have no idea, and I have to write one of these sogh

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Don’t worry about it at all. It hardly matters.

Here’s my two for apps I have on the App Store


You are amazing @mikaelacaron this looks much more manageable for adapting

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