Paid account - can't access courses

I just signed up, but can’t access any courses other than the free ones.

Let me know what I need to do.

Thank you!

On the main page of the CWC website there is a chat icon down the bottom right corner.

Please tap on that and send a message to the team to have your account status changed on the website.

That little message button does not show on my screen. As of this morning, my account is still not activated. :frowning:

The other contact method is via email at

Have you tried logging out and logging in again?

Yes. No button. :frowning: I’ll send an email.

Sent email, no response. :frowning:

I was hoping to get some study in this weekend.

I just checked that the icon is visible to both members and non-members of CWC + and that is the case. It is also visible on the login screen. I am using Safari as my default browser and I checked using Chrome and it is the same. What browser are you using?

Login Screen appearance.

It could also be that your payment transaction has not cleared but the staff are aware of your request for access.

Hi Traxxtar,

I see your ticket! Going to respond to you there.



Contact the staff via the messaging icon on the home page of CWC+. The icon is on the lower right of the Website as indicated in this screenshot.

Alternatively, email them at