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Payments with Revenue Cat other than through App Store?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to charge people through Revenue Cat other than through the App Store.

For example, if I wanted to charge an individual for a 3 month subscription or a team of 6 individuals, I’d like for them to have an easy way to pay without having to go through the App Store, but also make sure that my app can pick up when their subscription is up.

Any and all help would be amazing!

You can’t do this, and go around the App Store it violates rule 3.1.1

Soo technically you can, but it is a LOT of extra work, and a higer risk of your app being rejected multiple times. Just go through the App Store

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Makes sense!

I took a look at Slack’s business model. They’ve got options for upgrading to a Pro, Business+ and Enterprise memberships that charge per user per month. The payments happen outside the AppStore, I believe.

I have a free version of the app on the App Store, but I want to set up teams and companies like Slack does.

Any direction to a platform that would let me do a similar thing?

This is technically going around the rules and the thing that I said is more work. You have to have some kind of backend where users can do payments.

Your app will check against that backend and authenticate users.

And inside your app you can NOT have any copy that says “to buy, go to our website” that’s against the guidelines

This is a lot of extra work when it’s much easier to just use the App Store and let Apple take the 15% cut.

Spotify also does this too, but again it’s what’s worth it to you