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Philomath's Dream Job Journey Journal

This is just a thread to help me stay accountable and also document my milestones. It’s been inspiring to read other people’s stories!

I used to be a science teacher (which I absolutely adored); however, during COVID it became really clear that teaching is just not a healthy job in any way. (To give you an idea, I taught 300 children a day and they wanted to add another 100 the next year.) Not only was the workload insane, but it became impossible to stay safe during COVID with the minimal protections offered by the district.

So, it was really hard, but I decided to pivot my life. I have always wanted to make apps, so I saved up, quit my job, and dedicated myself to learning programming. Maybe someday I’d love to make a living off of my own apps, but to start I’d like to get a job in the app-making world first. I actually have a dream company that I’m really hoping to get a job with.

Milestones So Far:

  • I’m almost done with a Bachelors in Information Technology. (Not a requirement, I know, but I thought I’d boost my chances by finishing the degree.)
  • I’m working on Apple’s Swift courses and I’m just starting the third book: Develop in Swift: Data Collections.
  • CWC 14 Day Beginner Challenge Complete!
  • Almost done with CWC iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) course! Two modules left!
  • I’m working on my own personal app to put into practice the skills I learn through CWC. And I think I’ve got my first version! I can’t wait to use data provided by users.

Thanks so much for sharing @Philomath !!

You have an amazing story! Can’t wait to see your app when you finish it!

Yes this isn’t a requirement like you said, but it can only help :slight_smile: there are lots of people in technology that don’t have degrees though, and that’s totally fine!

If you’re looking for a job in the next year, I’d also HIGHLY recommend you learn UIKit, not just SwiftUI. UIKit is the framework that came before SwiftUI and many apps still use it!!

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Hey thanks for posting, and congrats on the milestone, so far!

Still, I’ve never heard of a place, where you would be expected to teach 300 students, unless, you were a university professor! That’s insane. Sorry, to hear you went through that.

Also, I graduated with an IT degree as well. I find it will give you a solid foundation some others might not have. Plus, it taught me about the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which breaks down interactions into different layers. I found this invaluable for troubleshooting production issues, is it at the app layer, the network, data link, etc?

Can’t wait to see your app! Please post about it in the Community page, once you produce your first release :slight_smile: Great you’re almost done with the iOS SwiftUI Foundations course! That took me a long three and a half months to complete.


P.S. I found it ironic, you chose your username as a math lover, versus a science lover. Still, so many science teachers love math too! Also, I’ve always heard that math can help in programming etc. Perhaps, you’ll be able to make your own algorithms, or do some cool machine learning stuff down the road.

Thank you so much for the tip! I’ve been learning UIKit through Apple’s textbooks. But I got incredibly frustrated trying to understand AutoConstraints. I will do the CWC UiKit course after this. Hopefully I’ll be able to zoom through it a little faster because of my new knowledge. :blush:

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Thanks! Getting comments on this really gave me a boost of motivation!

I actually just learned about OSI in my classes this week! I can’t believe it took them this long to introduce it. It seems like a crucial yet basic skill to understanding tech.

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Done with M6L7 of the SwiftUI Foundations course! Making progress! I really enjoyed learning how to get data from API’s (although I know I’ll need to practice it some more before it becomes natural). It’s crazy how quickly apps come together now.

Still super looking forward to when I learn how to store data provided by a user. That will be key to my app breakthrough.

It definitely helps for troubleshooting! However, you’ll find that most tech people are not aware of it. In the networking departments, e.g. Network Operations Centers (NOCs) it plays a great role.

However, from a developer perspective, much of it isn’t important. Most developers just care about the app layer. They don’t know what’s underneath. Instead, they rely on abstracted code to do what needs to be done. Perhaps, this changed with full stack development though as some app developers also took on the job of maintaining their infrastructure web server, database setup etc. Now the trend is to go away from all that towards containers and even less to serverless infrastructure.


Made it through M6L10. I felt so proud of myself while completing lesson 8. I was getting the hang of how to create UI’s quickly, I was able to implement the new Link view on my own after the initial explanation, and I realized the syntax mistake in the video before Chris did. I was so proud of myself. So much progress.

Then I got to lessons 9 and 10. Using UIKit views continues to be confusing to me. Not crazy confusing. But I know I can’t do it on my own yet. I’m positive that completing the UIKit version of foundations is necessary now. Delegates, coordinators, and all the specific functions of the different views really makes my head spin. Hope I get more practice through CWC before I’m totally on my own. Practice has helped a lot with other confusing step-heavy things like parsing JSON.

:partying_face: :trophy: :checkered_flag:


iOS Foundations (Swift UI) course completed! :white_check_mark:

Wow, the inspirational music in the next steps video really boosted my day today.


  • iOS Foundations (UIKit) → I already know that delegate pattern is something I need to get a handle on.

  • iOS Databases → I still haven’t learned how to save data from a user! :sob: I need that skill, so next course, here I come!

  • Design skills → Any tips for apps for design and layout? What does the CWC team use? Or are there better free versions for a beginner? I’ve been using Keynote and the program the team uses in videos looks WAY easier.


You are a rockstar! Well done :partying_face: seemed like you just blazed through it fast.

Haha right!?! I loved that piece too.

Chris in the videos mentions they user Figma. It seems like they go over design too in the third course within the third apprentice course. I’m almost done with databases, so looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, and can’t wait to see your app!


Thank you, Andrew! Also, congrats on getting close to finishing the databases course!!

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Congratulations, it’s a big milestone!!

I highly recommend trying to code with inspirational or epic music (instrumental, no lyrics), it works WONDERS for me haha

Your story is super inspiring @Philomath, I’m really rooting for you to land at your dream company!! You can do it!!!

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Thank you so much, @CalStark!

I hadn’t thought of doing that, but as I’m currently super stuck on a coding problem, I think I’ll give it a try RIGHT NOW.

Having a coding community give encouragement like this does wonders for when I feel like giving up! Thanks to you, CalStark, and everyone who has rooted for me, so far!

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UPDATE: Tuesday 1/18/22

Let the Foundations course begin again! This time with my nemesis AutoConstraints! In all honesty, I know that AutoConstraints are a crucial part of making sure my apps can work on many devices. However, every single time I start to learn how to use them, I get so frustrated I reconsider wanting to make apps.


Today, I made it through all of M1L2 (including the bonus and the exercise). And I was able to quickly create the exercise layout in about 5 minutes! On my own! I knew all the things to change to get them to overlap correctly. I understood how to edit my constraints when they didn’t look the way I wanted. Thank you CWC team for helping me feel more confident!


I feel like I finally understand my grandparents who are always complaining when apps update! The interface of Xcode 9 is SO DIFFERENT from Xcode 13. Occasionally, it is SO confusing to try and follow the tutorial videos. I was not able to do the lesson 2 example (where we add the log-in buttons) because I just couldn’t figure out which of the new options corresponded to the old options in Chris’s video. I’ll keep that project open and keep trying to figure out how to replicate the instructions.

(If anyone has help, here’s a thread where I posted about it : M1L2 (UIKit) - Button Images Not Stretching)