Pinch to zoom + scrolling

Hi - complete noob here, no dev experience. :slight_smile:

Trying to create a very simple app (scrollable/zoomable map with pins you can toggle on/off) using UIKit storyboard.

Trying to follow the video in this post but getting stuck. I dropped in a Scroll View, nested an Image View inside, got all the constraints set to the Super View, turned off Content Layout Guides, gave scroll view a delegate (whatever that means lol), gave scroll view an outlet… did all the steps in the vid until the “return self.imageView” which gives an error View Controller has no member “imageView”.

Also why is my code so empty?

import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController, UIScrollViewDelegate {

@IBOutlet weak var scrollView: UIScrollView!
override func viewDidLoad() {
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view.
    self.scrollView.minimumZoomScale = 1.0
    self.scrollView.maximumZoomScale = 6.0

There’s like nothing in there, but in Main.storyboard I have images, etc.

hello, if its a map then just use a mapkit as it already has built in zoom, you can also add and remove pins if you want, we actually have a sample of this in our ios bento with a cwc plus subscription

Hi - It’s a map from a game, so it’s an image file.

hmm, then i suggest looking at some pre-made imageviewer from so it will be easy

Hmm I’m afraid this stuff is beyond my understanding. :slight_smile: Think I’d better find a dev partner.

Thanks for your help.

read this article, cocoapods will help you a LOT once you know how to add them to your project