Please help with this Debug error

Hi does someone know how to solve this issue.
The match game works but in the debug I have error 66671 AudioQueueInternalNotifyRunning
I believe is related to AVFoudation.

can you show the code error?

i think its related to this (read the comment)

Hi Francis,
thank you for your help, below the screen shot of the debug area.
I will check again the code maybe I missed something or wrote some part of the code incorrectly.
However the app match works and I can hear all the sounds.

Hi Francis,
looking into stackoverflow looks that some time is a problem with the simulator, if I run the application on my device I have no error in the debug area.
See the picture below

good to see. probably the simulator is slow or is acting up… have you tried an old simulator like iphone 8 or X?