Pod init problem

Hi I try to install cocoa pods for an app and I get this message :zsh: permission denied:

Although the courses are suggesting that you install thirds party frameworks using cocoapods there is a far better way and that is to use Swift Package Manager (SPM) which is built into Xcode. Cocoapods is rapidly falling out of favour in preference to SPM.

Here is a YouTube video from Chris Ching explaining how to use SPM to install Firebase frameworks.

can it be used for installing AdMob?

Yes, you need to find the SPM package. I think it’s GoogleMobileAds

so I install firebase and pick google MobileAds?? thank you a lot guys

I did it , is there any steps further or now my app will provide ads to the user?

Nope, once you add the right package, you follow their documentation for implementing that package

But note, unless you have thousands of users, you are not going to make a lot of money on ads.

sorry for the inconvenience I get that error:
“The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized incorrectly. Google AdMob publishers, follow instructions here: https://googlemobileadssdk.page.link/admob-ios-update-plist to include the AppMeasurement framework, set the -ObjC linker flag, and set GADApplicationIdentifier with a valid app ID. Google Ad Manager publishers, follow instructions here: https://googlemobileadssdk.page.link/ad-manager-ios-update-plist

I’d suggest making a new question in the forum, cause technically this is related to the specific package and SPM (not really about Cocoapods anymore)