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President Raindas' Weather App (March 2021 Challenge)

Jumping on CWC March 2021 challenge … Let the show begin :v:t5:


First, I’m giving it a cool name … well, might not be so “cool”, I’ll just give it a random name for the sake of identity.

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Hello Mr President, how is that App doing?

Was unavailable for a while. Couldn’t complete it. I’m definitely gonna finish it. I just even completed the StockTracker app challenge.

Now I finally had the time to do this challenge. I decided to start allover from scratch.

I just figured out the difference between “Menu” and “ContextMenu”, so cool.

Well so far, I’m almost done with the UI. I’m more comfortable designing the UI first, this helps me decide and structure the model.

These are the screenshots of the UI so far, I’m leaning towards a minimalistic look

Dark mode looks so cool :heart_eyes:

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Finally completed this App challenge. I Could’ve finished sooner, but I only got to work on it when I had the time to. I couldn’t finish the challenge back then in March, had to go back to learn more; I’m excited that between March and now, I’ve learned so much that it was easier to make the app.


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