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Problem with Ad Mob

I’m getting this error
Thread 8: "The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized without an application ID. Google AdMob publishers, follow instructions at https://googlemobileadssdk.page.link/admob-ios-update-plist to set a valid application ID. Google Ad Manager publishers, follow instructions at https://googlemobileadssdk.page.link/ad-manager-ios-update-plist."
i have made sure that my app id is correct and that my code is written in properly to the google service-info. even if i comment out all of the code and initializers for the ad, it still throws me that error.
i have seen on other forums that i should add <key>GADIsAdManagerApp</key> <true/> to my GoogleService-info file, but i have tried that and it doesn’t seem to be working

this error only happens when i run the app but doesn’t happen when i build it

Are you adding AdMob to your App for any specific reason other than perhaps as an exercise?

Exercise and if I want to put it on the App Store, pay for itself

To be perfectly honest I don’t think it is worthwhile having Admob in your App unless you have thousands of people who are using it. The revenue per view is a pittance as far as I am aware.

yeah i guess

On top of that, from a user experience point of view it is really annoying. Any App that I download that has Ads in it gets deleted as soon as I discover ads.

The alternative is to code it so that the user can remove ads by paying a small fee but that will depend on how useful they find the App. IF they like it that much then you’ll probably earn a little from that method otherwise they will do what I do and bin it.

yeah i didn’t really think of that lol

Running the app is what calls the actually AdMob API to check if you can show an ad. Building a project is really just syntactically checking that you wrote the code correctly.

Be sure to ALWAYS use test ads during development!!

Usually going the web page the debug message links can help. I’d double check that your google info plist is named properly (if you downloaded it multiple times make sure there’s not any numbers in the file. Make sure you call the code in the right spot for loading an ad.

But yes like Chris said, ads do NOT end up “paying for themselves” unless you have thousands of users