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Problem with adding Menu app course from dashboard

Hi! When I click to start the new Menu app course from my dashboard, it just reloads the dashboard page. Could you help me with this?

Welcome to the community! We’ll take a look!

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Is this how the course looks in your Dashboard when you scroll down to it?

…and are you saying that when you tap on “Start Course”, where indicated by the arrow, you do not see this screen next?

Yes that is correct. When I click on the Start Course button it just brings me back to the Dashboard page.

Maybe clearing cookies on your browser?

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I tried that but still have the same problem. I have tried in both Safari and Chrome.

I just attempted to play lesson 4 and it worked fine for me… @mercivic you had to re-login after deleting the cookies, right? Not sure what the issue is if you aren’t able to after cookies removal and re-login

Are you using a VPN?

Yes I closed my browser and then logged back in after.

Yes, I have tried doing this logging in without the VPN and in a Private window (Safari’s incognito mode).

Hmmm, let us look further into it! Thanks for raising this

Hi @mercivic sorry for the inconvenience!
I just changed some of the button code… would you mind refreshing the page and seeing it the button says “Free Enroll” now? And try clicking it? Thank you

It’s working for me now. Thank you so much! I really love your videos and platform.

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