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Problem with Firebase Auth


I finished building banner and interstitial ads into my application. I decided to incoporate RevenueCat for the in-app purchases. There were so many errors. So, I decided to remove the Pod for Revenue Cat. However, I am still getting erros from Firebase Auth. There are 4 issues

  1. AVFoundation.h – AVFCore/AVFcore.h file not found
  2. RPBroadCastExtension.h. – Could not build module AVFoundation
  3. GameKit.h. – Could notn build module ReplayKit
  4. FIRGameCenterAuthProvider.m – Could not build module GameKit

I have been trying for 2-3 days now. Here is what I have been doing.

A) I try removing all pods and reinstall all the pods. I try to clean the build. Same error came back.
B) I try to add and remove RevenueCat. Same Error!
C) I change build setting to enable module c & Objective C. Same Error!
D) I added use_modular_headers! to Pod file. Same Error!

Please. I need help.

Have you considered adding third party libraries using Swift Package Manager rather than Cocoapods?

Hey. Thanks for answering. I will consider it if it can solve the problem. Should I remove the pods and add swift package manager for firebase and revenueCat? Is this what you are suggesting?

Thanks, Louis.


Does codewithchris have a section or videos on package manage?

Thanks again!


There is a screencast on the screencasts course which talks a bit about SPM

The best thing to do is try installing the libraries with Swift Package Manager and see if that works.

Before you do, you must de-integrate cocopods from your project. To do that open Terminal, navigate to the project folder and use the following command.

pod deintegrate

It will tell you if the removal process was successful and it will remind you to remove any residual files or folders manually.
The Podfile can remain since it has no effect on SPM but you can remove the ProjectName.xcworkspace file by deleting it in Finder.

Here is a video from Chris Ching on how to add Firebase using SPM.