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Problem with iMessage App

I am facing this problem. Please see the error message attached. Can anyone help me to the right direction to solve this problem? thank you very much.


The request to open “com.qoobee.zxxxxxxxxxd” failed.

Domain: FBSOpenApplicationServiceErrorDomain

Code: 4

User Info: {

BSErrorCodeDescription = InvalidRequest;

FBSOpenApplicationRequestID = 0x1dcd;


The operation couldn’t be completed. Application info provider (FBSApplicationLibrary) returned nil for “com.qoobee.zxxxxxxxxxd”

Domain: FBSOpenApplicationErrorDomain

Code: 4

Failure Reason: Application info provider (FBSApplicationLibrary) returned nil for “com.qoobee.zxxxxxxxxxd”

User Info: {

BSErrorCodeDescription = NotFound;


System Information

macOS Version 11.3.1 (Build 20E241)

Xcode 12.5 (18205) (Build 12E262)

Timestamp: 2021-06-05T12:54:06+08:00