Problems about the apple Swiftui tutorial (building-lists-and-navigation)

i just follow the apple’s SwiftUi tutorial class (Building Lists and Navigation) and download the file to learn how to code in Swift. when i created a landmarkrow in supporting views. it said that Failed to register bundle identifier. The app identifier “” cannot be registered to your development team. Change your bundle identifier to a unique string to try again. And said that (No profiles for ‘’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘’.) what should i do ??

Am I need to create a developer account and pay for it if I want to use this file ???

Simply go to Signing & Capabilites and select your Team (Which is your Development Account)

I think if I remember correct you can make an Apple Developer Account without enrolling in the Program. There is the unpaid option.

My account is personal team then i can’t use the file??


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Have you tried changing the bundle identifier to something else?
Maybe com.tomo.test


I deleted my XCODE and reinstalled it and also I changed bundle identifier to com.tomo.test but the Xcode reported that failedToGetInstalledApplicationInfoAfterInstalling. :dizzy_face:

ANd this

Your maximum App ID limit has been reached. You may create up to 10 App IDs every 7 days.:rofl:

oh!! after i clean the build folder. it can work

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