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Profile cards app problems

Hello is anyone facing a problem with the profile cards app it suddenly stoped giving me data about any insta accounts, I even tried it on my own account and it didn’t work

Thanks in advance

Hello, are you still having problems with this? as per Chris’ information, you can only load 5 profiles at the same time so consider removing one and adding your own.

However, if the problem is different can you provide more details?

Unfortunately yes I still have the problem and I just have 3 accounts added

At first I got all the stats but now everytime I check I get a message saying it has to be a business account

This is a pic of the message note that this is my own account

Try to log out and log back in, and if that doesn’t work try uninstalling the app and re-installing it.

OR also check Facebook that you gave all the right permissions

Done all that and unfortunately it seems that the app is not getting the information from instagram because now I’m trying it with apple and instagram accounts and have the same problem