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Programming languages

Hello my friend,

I have asked you some questions before regarding iOS app development and I got incredibly beneficial answers and I really appreciate you being very active and helping this community.
Now I have thought about asking you a major question that is circulating in my mind and I try to figure out in some way. I see many wonderful apps on App Store like LinkedIn and others. But when I do a research on them on google, I find out that, they’re build in other languages like C ##/ Javascript/ Python etc… I wonder why they use these languages and not Swift?? What are the differences among these languages when it comes only to build an app??


The majority of Apple applications ( for iPhone, watch, iPad and Mac) are built using Xcode which is the native development environment for Apple devices. Xcode languages used include Swift and Objective C.

There are other cross platform IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) that can be used to create iOS applications. For example Flutter. In the main Xcode is used as there are compromises when using cross platform development environments.

Java is the official language for developing Android software but there are other languages that can be used. Software development environments for Android devices include Flutter (languages used include Dart, C, C++) and Android Studio (languages used include Kotlin - primary - with Java and C++ supported ) to name just two.

Search Google for development environments for Apple devices or Android devices and you will get an idea of what people are using.

Ok! Great. So in this case, that means all the languages have the same elements, components and views that exists in the Xcode, but the different between Swift and other languages is that, by using other languages and building apps that can function a cross multiple platforms like App Store and android. But, building an app using Xcode, this means the app will be limited only in iOS devices. I have an idea of an app that can provide a service for the schools. So I think I would need to build it in other programming language and not with Swift, so this app can be downloaded and used in a multiple devices. But the questions are! Which language should I use?? How can I add a licence to be able to sell it to the schools?

That’s something you have to decide for yourself.