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Im pretty new to the Swift world. I tried traditional schooling but it didn’t really give me the tools to accomplish my goal. I’ve also tried overseas freelancers but I pretty much got what I paid for. I’ve been able to validate my product at its beginner stage by my affiliation within the health and fitness industry but I’ve been a little discouraged at building the prototype myself. I have the drive and motivation to build it but a lot of courses available online don’t really cover the topic quite well. I’ve built basic projects in Xcode just figuring it out on my own but my question is, What course or route should I take to become more confident in app development?

Chris’ courses are great for giving you a foundation to learn off of!
The best way to grow more confident is building small apps here and there. Things that are your own idea and not straight from a tutorial.
This will make you think harder and try to figure out how to implement a concept in a new way.
Things like todo apps, or map apps are basic concepts that you can add a spin to!

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Roger that. Yes I was following some of the apps you build within certain courses like basic dice apps and even a magic 8 ball app but I definitely wanted to start using my own app as practice to make myself think harder as you spoke of. I just did the roadmap that Chris offers on his site and I’m going to start there with the foundational videos. Thank you!

I echo @mikaelacaron comments. Chris provides an extraordinary, well balanced beginning foothold to iOS development. Working through the courses has enabled me to stretch out and build the apps that encouraged me to start the courses in the first place.

There are several methods out there for teaching app development, and I found Chris’ model the most approachable and the support above and beyond! Other courses I have tried, forum posts echo as is in a deep well and I find I am stuck with no ability to move on. Support on this forum has been the opposite experience: helpful, friendly, and kind!

Good luck.

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Also checkout Brian Voong, Let’s Build That App, tutorials on YouTube! His are more advanced than Chris’ and only use programmatic UI!

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I just started the foundational courses today. Yes that group support and being able to share experiences is a big difference when trying to expand your knowledge in app development or programming for that matter. Im located in Houston,TX and although there are plenty of opportunities, the tech isnt that diverse here. Mostly energy and oil and gas.

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Definitely will look him up.

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Hey BlendFit, welcome to the forum!

In addition to that, I can offer some more guidance of things to look at if you feel like describing your app’s features and screens (generically if you want to keep the idea to yourself).