Pulling a live video feed from a webpage

I’m trying to find how to pull a live link video from a website onto an App.

E.g. take the link for this live surfcam and pull it through into an app so I can hit ‘play’ to enable the live content or simply have it playing live constantly without having to hit the play button.


Not looking to use this to steal content.

@JNeuman welcome to the community!

Try looking into WKWebView

Thanks @MikaelaCaron

As my search continued I found some great links and advice for anyone else on here interested:

First off I found out the link withing the webpage data… Command ‘U’ on a webpage to see the source code. From there looking for the “.m3u8” link I was able to run through VLC to get access to the live video stream without having to go through the website. From here the below links should assist with putting this through xCode using either WKWebView / WebKit or AVKit.

I’ve been using the code show in the CWC tutorial:

But for some reason I can’t get the ‘VideoURL’ to take in the URL / Live Stream Link I want to use and then play it.

Some help would be appreciated if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong.

The link I want to use is shown in blue (.m3u8)