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Purposes of UIView, UIImage, UIImageView

Hello everyone,
I’m new to swift, and I am trying to get a better understanding the differences between UIView, UIImage, and UIImageView.

Also, If I were to upload an image from gallery using UIKIT, how should I go about it to draw on an uploaded photo from gallery or camera? I saw on appledevelopment that it’s recommended to use UIView to draw on images, since UIImageView can’t.


I know more about this, so I’ll answer this half.

A UIView is a view. Meaning practically anything on the screen, a UIButton for example inherits from UIView. It’s just a basic container for stuff

A UIImage is an image. It’s how an image is saved in some form of data.

A UIImageView is the type of view that is used to actually take your UIImage and turn that data into something a user sees on the screen. It’s a special kind of UIView because you can see in Apple’s docs that UIImageView inherits from UIView

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