QR Code Reader open a specific View Controller or URL

hi, thanks for your great work and for making Swift a little more “visual” for me as I do not understand code as much :). I am a complete newbee to this, but i am trying to find a way to create an app that has the ability to open, either and URL or another View Controller in the app , by scanning a QR code from a piece of paper.

Has someone maybe created a video tutorial om how to do this?

kind regards Mattie

#Rosterboy would you have a hint for this one? :wink:

Check out Apple’s Universal Links feature. This lets you present the user with a URL that can act as a deep link into your app or, if your app is not installed on their device, point to a webpage. That URL could easily be encoded into a QR code.

For reading QR codes, see this article from Paul Hudson: How to scan a QR code

Thanks for the hints🤩 i will look into those and see what I can come up with.