Question about configuring Firestore for various users


I’m about 2 months into my lessons and am at the point where I have enough skill to start developing my own app as I continue on with the modules.

I’m almost completed the Firestore journal app and I’m hoping someone can give me the basic high level explanation for how I configure my firestorm database so that if multiple people download my app, they each have their unique records.

I’m surmising that I will have a collection of users with their IDs and passwords. and that I need to prompt them with a login that the app will then check against what is stored in the database. and then if the password is correct, that the additional collections of data are stored under each user ID. Or do I keep a separate collection of user names and passwords with each of the items in the primary collection of data having a reference back to the user ID that it’s associated with? And then I suppose every data action from that point forward would be driven by a query that included the userID of the person who is logged in.

Do I just use a label for the userID and password prompts?

Any pointers on how I go about allowing each user to save their password?

I’m excited about my app!