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Question About Publishing an App

Im building a card game app for a friend when Im done with my app should I let them publish it to apple or should I do it? I’m just creating the app for them.

Publishing to the App Store means paying a $100 fee every year to have it live, and anyone can download it.

If you’re fine with that you can publish it, or have them, it doesn’t matter, but whoever does, will need to pay a yearly $100 fee, and technically whoever publishes it assumes all the legal risk what ever that may be.

Another alternative is an unlisted app. meaning if it is really that specific to your friend, you can distribute it on the App Store, but you must have a link to download it and you can’t search it on the App Store. The $100 fee still applies.

There is no way to distribute it for free.


Thanks bro!

I’m going to change the title of your question to make it easier to find!

Thanks again!

Is it a way I can send them the app to test without publishing?

You can use TestFlight, but this still requires that you have a development account (paying $100)

They can download the app to their device, if they have a Mac and run it on their device, but they will need to re-run it every 3 days from their computer.

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