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Question on the new Mac Mini (M1)

I’m going to purchase a new mac mini, as my current one is (model year 2012) and it won’t update to anything past Catalina 10.15.7.

So thoughts on getting 16 GB Ram vs 8 GB or getting a 512 Solid state HD instead of 256.

I’m leaning towards the 16GB Ram as from what I’ve read ram cannot be upgraded aftermarket.



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16 GB of RAM is definitely a smart move. I feel like, for storage, 256 GB is sufficient. 512 GB is a lot of storage.

It depends on what works best for you!

Enjoy your new computer!

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Go with the 16Gb of RAM and 512Gb SSD. The additional RAM will give you better performance. Bearing in mind that Xcode itself consumes at least 30GB of disk space you really should go for the larger SSD.

That said, it’s all a question of affordability.


You are so right. It’s all a question of affordability lol.

So did you get the M1 Mac Mini?

It’s ordered and I’m waiting for it to arrive. 16GB and 256HD.

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Congratulations on getting a 900 dollar computer!