Quiz app help with multiple view controllers

Hi Chris et al

I completed your (Chris) Quiz App successfully and now have plans to build my own with multiple pages. This will include multiple topics/subjects. That is say topic 1 example “football” will have its own set of questions and status update to a Quiz Status Page. Topic 2 example “Formula 1” will also have its own questions and linked to the same Quiz Status Page and so on and so forth.

My plan is to have an introduction page (main menu), which will display the quiz name and a short intro. I also want it to display say 2 or 3 buttons linked to other pages/view controllers which will be as follows:

Button 1 - Quiz Status Page

Button 2 - Link to Questions Page

Button 3 - Undecided?

So Button 1 (to Quiz Status Page) will show the status of each topic/subject so that the user knows the percentage complete, how many correct answers have been answered etc

Button 2 takes the user to the Questions Page which will display all the topics available on the app the user selects to access the questions and answers.

So the questions and answers pages display the questions similar to your quiz. The users performance is then displayed on the Quiz Status Page.

I tried a few times and hit the wall in regards to setting up the multiple pages. Could you please give me some guidance on how I can link all the pages. Sorry I know this is a loaded question but will appreciate any help you can give me.


i dont think you need to make multiple pages, you just need to change the data for the questions by setting up/getting a set of questions based on the first “quiz” (to select category)