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Realm Database Platform Question

Hi guys, I am building the chat feature in my application. I was wondering if the realm database platform is still in a flux?


Hi Pratham, what do you mean by “in flux?”

Can I still use it? Because Chris says that the realm platform is in a little bit of flux or was that a long time ago?

It’s definitely still possible to use!
That was said because around that time Realm was purchased by MongoDB (another database provider)

Note some parts of code may have changed from the video to now, but Realm’s docs would be the best place to look

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Ok! Thank you so much!

I am trying to build a chat feature in my app. But I don’t know how to. I have scoured the internet for chat app tutorials in UIKit with cloud firestore. But I can’t find any.

Try this tutorial

Hi Mikaela,

I have tried that tutorial series but the only problem is that tutorial leverages the firebase real time database and not cloud firestore.

Thanks for your help!

Also does Firebase count as a web server?

Is there a reason you want to use FireStore specifically as opposed to the realtime database?

I would say Firebase is more of a backend database (and just a backend in general) as opposed to thinking of it as a web server

Based on the definition, you could say it’s a web server. But it’s not really serving up a website (that the user interacts with). I just think of it like the backend to an app. But the backend can include authentication too

Yes because I know how to use cloud Firestore and the real time database is the old database option from Firebase. I don’t want to use both in the same app because I don’t want to mix things up!

I would still look at following the tutorial, but if you already know how to use Firestore, the concepts he discusses could probably be applied, the code specifically for CRUD would just change