RealmSwift Repo for Podspec

I am trying to build an app with RealmSwift and SwiftUI. Using ios 13.3 and Xcode 11.3. I was successful in installing cocoapods. Project folder is in Desktop. Using Terminal I found the project directory and created a Podfile using the CL ‘Pod init’ successfully. Used xcode project to open the Podfile to edit it. Set the target to the project name and tried different sources to get the repo that holds the Podspec. Failed when did Pod install in Terminal. Google searches found no specs path identified by anyone. Where is the repo file and/or how do I write a source that works?

maybe you typed in an incorrect pod

here is official documentation on how to install realmswift

I followed the instructions on installing realmswift. The problem appears
to be that Apple switched from bash to zsh in Terminal. The ‘pod install’ gives:

jdhestenes@Johns-MBP RealmDatabase2 % ls
Podfile RealmDatabase2
Pods RealmDatabase2.xcodeproj
Realm.framework RealmSwift.framework
jdhestenes@Johns-MBP RealmDatabase2 % pod install
Checking if specs repo should be updated
Not updating local specs repo
Analyzing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
Installing Realm (4.2.0)
[!] /bin/bash -c
set -e
sh cocoapods-setup

WARNING: The active Xcode command line tools, as returned by ‘xcode-select -p’, are not from Xcode.
The newest version of Xcode will be used instead.
Print: Entry, “:CFBundleVersion”, Does Not Exist

jdhestenes@Johns-MBP RealmDatabase2 %

Doing “pod install --verbose’ makes it clear that the error
occurs when operatng on the ‘Realm.framework’. Install crashes
before it finishes that, and long before it gets to work on 'RealmSwift”.
No ‘.xcRealmDatabase2’ file is generated either because it aborts before
it gets to that subtask.

A similar problem occurred when following the “Dynamic Framework” method
that is proposed. The error occurs when the compiler get to the “Script” that you have to run to comply with current Apple regulations. Changing the compile parameter to use “/bin/zsh” instead of “/bin/zsh” also fails. So one
is not able to deploy the app onto your external devide at all in either method.

Any way to get this to work? The only thing I can think of is to revert to
'‘Xcode 10’" instead of the “Xcode 11.3” that I am currently using.
Should I do this? Probably lose some capability to do SwiftUI and am
forced then to use “Dynamic Frameworks” with UIKit. Help if you can?

The Podspec current for Realm is found at:

It appears that it may be only useful in a “Realm Platform” implementation
and is not ready for a “Realm Database” implementation. Note also at
the bottom of the podspec that it specifies deployment for ios 8.0 and osx 10.9. The bash-based file is in the parent directory.
Creating a new podspec for Realm and RealmSwift and that is compatible with zsh instead of bash is not in my expected scope of work.
work. Any suggestions?

try changing to bash on your terminal first

chsh -s /bin/bash