Request Asset download location for the second free (I.e. Menu) lesson

My name is Brian Thomas - I just finished the first free card game lesson and successfully completed coding the card game. I then started the second free class, (I.e. Menu) and when asked to download the ‘assets’ by going back to the first lesson, I only found the assets for the card game lessons, but not those for the ‘Menu’ lesson.

Would you be able to supply me with the URL address for how to download the assets for the ‘Menu’ lesson?

Please send your responce to (email address removed)


Brian Thomas


Hi Brian,

Welcome to the community.

In each course there is an Introduction section where there is a topic that deals with where to find the project and resources. The link takes you to a Dropbox folder structure where each of the Modules is a folder and within each Module there is a lesson folder depending on the course structure. You will find a zip file in Lesson 1 which contains the Menu resources.

Also we respectfully request that users do not include email addresses in their posts.