Requirements & Bug Tracking

Hey CC! I just submitted an app to TestFlight. Now I’d like to organize, track and close the bugs. I’d also like to track requirements and features. I’m grouping these together cause I’m assuming there are tools that easily do both. Can CC or Chris suggest a tool? I’m suspicious that it’s a part of GIT and if that’s a good solution I’m hopeful someone here can chime in.

Hi Matthew, you mean in general project management? Tracking bugs?

Yes, tracking bugs. I’ve used Rational but it’s very expensive and it’s more of an enterprise tool. I know there are lots of bug tools like BugZilla , but I’ve heard it is old and in need of updating especially the UI. I’m wondering if GITHub (like ‘issues’) is adequate. Does anyone here have experience with BugTracking tools, especially free online tools?

(Originally I was hopeful to be able to fond a tool that could do both bug tracking and requirements tracking. I see the GitHub ‘Issues’ does claim to meet that need)

There is a really handy tool you can use which is part of the Atlassian suite of tools. It’s called Trello and is essentially a project management tool. If you create a BitBucket account you can have access to Trello for free. It looks like this:

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Okay, yeah there are TONS of free tools to use

There’s GitHub issues, Trello, like Chris Parker mentioned. Or just google any kind of project management software. Project management and “bug/issue” tracking is the same thing.

Other options:

  • Airtable
  • Just a regular to do list

If you’re looking for something easy, just use Trello