Restaurant App Lesson 2

I am doing lesson 2 for the restaurant app for the Intro to SwiftUI course.

I made my tab groups, and I see them on the preview cancas. But when I run the simulartor I don’t see the tabs. I also ran the app in my phone and I don’t see the tabs there either.

I switched to light mode and still don’t see the tabs on my phone.
What could possibly be the problem? Is something cached?


Hi Scott,
Welcome to the community.

The best thing to do is download the project via the resources link in the course Introduction module. Compare the code to that of your project. If that doesn’t shed any light on the possible cause then let us know.

Thank you Chris.

I compared Chris’s code with mine and I could not find a difference other than whitespace because I followed the lesson.

I copied Chris’s code into my code, one file at a time. I still had the problem.

I decided to use Chris’s code in lieu of mine. His code worked on my iPhone 15.