Retrieving CoreData from Many to Many relationships

Hi, I am relatively new to App development and have worked through several of the courses on here, which I’ve enjoyed.
I’m now trying to build an app to record results of model yacht sailing races.
I am using CoreData to store data in three entities: EventEntity, SkipperEntity and RaceEntity. These have many-to-many relationships with each other.
I have created a Swift view called CoreDataRelationships to prove my data structure. However, I’m unable to pull the Skipper attributes (name and boatNumber) into the view which retrieves race results for each event.
I have watched different approaches on Youtube and spent the last few weeks trying to resolve this. I have come to the conclusion that my approach is flawed in some way.
Please can somebody review the CoreDataRelationships.swift file in my GitHub and steer me in the right direction.