Roadmap after "Learn iOS in 30 Days"

Hello, I have just enrolled on the site. I know programming, but I am new to iOS development. It says that I should start with the Learn iOS in 30 Days course. However, there is no information on what I should do after that course. There are a bunch of courses. Also, the 90-day course looks similar to the 30-day one. Should I continue with the 90-day course after the 30-day course? Thanks for your replies.

The 30 Days course guides you through the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)” course which also happens to have its own link of the CWC+ site.

The reasoning behind Chris Ching laying down a a 30 day program is to try to give the follower a measured approach to learning rather than he/she opening the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)” directly and going through each lesson one after the other.

The point being that if you try to cover too many lessons in one session you run the risk of overloading yourself with new information and you end up forgetting what you covered earlier.

The introductory video alludes to that but it talks about the 90 Days course which was created a long time ago to guide users in a similar manner with the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)”.

If you are new to iOS and wondering where to start, I would recommend the 30 Days course first up.

After that you could have a look at the 90 Days course but bear in mind that the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)” course was created quite some time ago and with earlier versions of Xcode. We are up to Xcode 14.3.1 as of now and in September, Xcode 15 will appear. You will find that as you follow the course there will be references to some SwiftUI methods which have since been deprecated meaning that you will have to use alternative methods. It might be a bit tricky but there is always help available here to point you in the right direction. If you go directly to the “iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2020)” course and scroll through the lessons listed for Module 4 you will see that there have been a number of challenges as the course was being created. Lessons 14, 15 and 16 which at that time were impacted by the change from Xcode 12.4 to Xcode 12.5.

Changes in Xcode and new iOS releases can be a bit of a challenge but that’s what we all have to deal with.

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