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Run new App on iPhone

I hope you receive this.

Thanks Chris for your Coding training.
I completed the basic Coding course on using Xcode and Swift as something to do during COVID lockdown. I used these skills and a lot of internet research to complete a very simple App that recoded 6 pieces of text data and emailed the result. I want to use the App on my iPhone. I do not want to share the App, as it is for my personal use only. It works perfectly, for only 7 days. It expires after 7 days.
How do I get the App to permanently work on my iPhone without paying the Apple their annual developer fee?

Unfortunately there are restrictions in what you can load onto your real device with a free account and you’ve already noticed that. Those restrictions also include not being able to create any more than 10 Apps in a seven day window.

If you want to have your App on your phone there is no other way than to pay the $99US to have a paid up account. You can place as many of your own Apps on your real device as you like without having them in the App Store. The only thing is that they stop working after 12 months but when you renew your Developer account you can reload them onto your device.

It depends on what you want to do in the future. If your intention is to be a Developer then having a paid account is necessary.