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Sandi's Car Listing App Challenge Journal

I started the Car Listing App challenge yesterday and put the finishing touches on the level 1 version this afternoon. I had trouble deciding whether to use a List or ScrollView/VStack/ForEach combo, and ultimately decided to stick with the List for simplicity’s sake. I might change this in later versions. I hope to start the level 2 requirements tomorrow.

My git repo: https://github.com/sjjunker/carListing.git

A picture of my level 1 work:


I just finished level 2 today. I’m not completely satisfied with the design yet, but plan to tweek it some more after finishing level three. I hope to be back to it on Monday.

The new branch of my project is called mainLevelTwo: https://github.com/sjjunker/carListing.git

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Looking good so far :slight_smile:

Pro tip: You can take screenshots in the simulator or on the Mac. You don’t have to take a picture of your Mac screen with your phone :wink:

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Level 3: I finished the logic! Everything works. I will post a video once I’ve tweeked the layout/design.

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Nice man, I Like the idea of previewing the filter options

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