Save As for a Swift project or workspace

I have been programming for many years, but am new to Swift. In Forth or HeroBasic I would get parts of a program working, save a copy and work on getting more completed. In this way, I could retrace my steps if I had an accident and deleted more code than I wanted. The only way I have thought to do this in Swift is to copy the project folder at the Finder level and work on the copy. Is this the way to go or am I missing something?

Hi Mark,

The best way to keep a copy of your code is via a GitHub repository. If you have not used GitHub there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will soon agree that it’s the way to go.

There is a really good video series on Youtube by Stewart Lynch which describes how to use GitHub. Here is a link to the playlist:

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Mark, while you are figuring out GitHub (I haven’t yet) you can simply duplicate the folder containing your project in the Finder. Then change the filename of the copy to “myProject b/u 2” or whatever. Then keep working on the original. Please note that if you use “File/Duplicate” in Xcode, it only duplicates the one file you have selected. Worse, it doesn’t present you with the new file (like the Save As command would in other programs). It leaves the original file open. This messed me up a bit before I observed what was going on.