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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create an app that allows users to block certain apps to help them with, for example, addiction to social media. I know it is possible to build such an app and I know you need the Screen Time API to do this. Unfortunately, as a iOS developer with only a few months experience, I find it really hard to find information on how to build an app with this API, mainly because there is really little information on it, even from Apple itself.

Therefore, I am wondering if there is someone on the forum that has experience with this API or building such an app in general. Any tips, advice etc. will be much appreciated.


From an Apple forum post:

There is a video about it from WWDC 2021 called Meet the Screen Time API: Meet the Screen Time API - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer

There are actually 3 APIs (none of them have Screen Time in the name)

Hi Chris,

Hi watched all the videos and other content but thanks for adding the links.

As I understood the collection of the 3 mentioned APIs are called Screen Time.

The main problem for me as a beginner programmer, is that I have a hard time making sense of the information provided by Apple (and other sources). Therefore, I would really like some additional, help or information or tips on how get to the stage I can make apps from the, in my opinion, very scarce information from Apple. Anything is much appreciated.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your response and I hope you have a great weekend!

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It’s pretty typical of Apple not to provide example code with the API’s although it is getting better with the newer API’s.

Here is an example project that I found. I have not looked closely at this code but there might be a few tips in there for you.

Hi Can I contact you somewhere? :slight_smile:


You can email me. My email is