Screenshots for App Store

I have almost completed my first iOS app and will shortly submit it to the App Store. In preparation for this I viewed Chis’ video overview of the steps needed to submit and I am putting together the support materials I need.

I am a “Newbie” and therefore unsure of the number of screenshots that Apple require - I have created a series of 5 screenshots that illustrate the main points of my app but am I correct that Apple need several screen sizes of each?

e.g. will I need 5 images of a 5.5 inch screen size plus 5 images of 6.5 inch, as well as 5 x 9.7inch and 5 x 12.9 inch for the iPad versions?

If this is the case I can understand why Chris recommends using the DaVinci software to prepare the sets of images!

I would be grateful if someone can steer me in the right direction!


My dilemma is solved! I decided to invest in an app that creates the required screenshots. You merely choose the iPhone and iPad models from the apps device list and hey presto the screen frames and backgrounds are produced. All that is needed is to overlay the screenshots taken from your own screens onto the templates.

Therefore to answer my own question - the screenshots for the iPhone will be all the same size as will the iPad screenshots.

As Apple allow up to 10 screenshots and 3 video clips I will be using 7 x iPhone 6s screenshots and 3 x iPad 12.9 screenshots. I am also using iMovie to produce three video clips.

I must be dumbo not to have grasped this before firing off my question to the CodeCrew!