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Scrollable View Controller

I need to ask how to make a UIViewController scrollable?
For example, I need to type some text in UITextView ( which is not a whole UIVC) but the text my stay under the keyboard if a text is large enough.

Use a UIScrollView to make a UIViewController scrollable

Only to declare uiscrollview and to add it to the viewcontroller?

You should search how to use UIScrollView.

You add it to the VC and then add components to the ScrollView rather than the VC after that

And also one question not about this.
How to make Photos to save in the appropriate position? When a photo is saved, it is sometimes displayed upside down. How to fix it? At least I want to know where to look about this?

I’ve seen you ask this before in multiple threads. You should google about images showing upside down in a UIImageView because that’s the actual element that’s showing the image

Where did I ask about this?

You’ve created 2 posts about it and I’ve seen you rely to different posts also asking the same thing