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ScrollView Issue

Hello everyone,

So I am currently trying to setup a GANTT Chart type app where the user can add certain jobs/milestones to the chart and extend it along depending on the estimated time it will take.

Just trying to tackle the layout and so far so good except for one thing.
I was just wondering why my vertical ScrollView doesn’t seem to be working. It scrolls a tiny bit then snaps back. Any help is appreciated!

Repo for Code > GitHub - Lowgy/gantt-app

maybe the scroll direction is not is both ways?

I am trying to accomplish it with 2 grids. One horiztonal that has just the “column headers” for the days of the months and then a vertical grid that displays the “activities” capsules.

With the capsules I am trying to allow the user to drag them horizontally but still allow them to scroll horizontally to see all the days and vertically to see all the capsules.

I can achieve the scrolling now but then that for some reason effects the DragGesture for the Capsules.

hmm… have you tried looking for some cocoapod project that has already implemented this? that might be easier… it seems like its just some type of calendar/scheduler thing which should be fairly common

I have been looking around but the ones I have found that are the closest to what I want to achieve are outdated and written in Objective-C

not sure if its similar but maybe you can repurpose the “BubbleChart” to what you need

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Hmm could possibly make it work. I will try my best and let you know how it goes! Appreciate the help!

oh this looks promising as well

latest version is here GitHub - bannzai/SpreadsheetView: Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS applications. With this framework, you can easily create complex layouts like schedule, gantt chart or timetable as if you are using Excel.