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Search filter function tap to filter

Hi so i wanna create a similar search filter to my food app.


Like this and it’s going to be a scrollview. I have a video on how i want it but can’t link it. Hopefully you understand, thanks!


Where i can see the filters like this and when i press on one of there words i wanna get a new set of words that were faded out before

Post your video to Dropbox or Google drive and then paste a link in a reply.


OK I have watched the video but I don’t understand the link between each selection. When you tap on a word, what is the link between that word and the next group of words?

Sorry it’s in Swedish, but the first set of words is categories, like for example förrätt is starters and then that shows, fish and shellfish, soup, vegatables, meat and cheese.

Like efterrätt is dessert, and if i press on ”dessert” it’ll show fruit and berries, cakes, pie, candy and cheese and if i press on one of these like pie for example i’ll get fast, budget, weekdays, diet. So if i only press one time on like desserts i’ll get every single dessert, if i then press pies within dessert i’ll only get dessert pies.

So with each tap it narrows the filter down to fewer selections depending on what i want.

In Fika and mellanmål (coffee) there could be filter words like cake, buns, smoothies, coffee etc so i’ll only get selections from what im after.

Ok, that’s a different kind of filter really. You have a scenario of categories that drill down to sub categories which themselves drill down to sub categories. It’s more of a linked list similar to a menu like structure or a parent → child relationship.

Your data would need to be set up so that it would create that linking between each level.


When on förrätt (starters) i get all the starters as you can see by the number down in the right corner, once i press förrätt(starters) i’ll get more options to narrow down my search, like fish and shellfish, soup, meat, vegetables and cheese, and the filter down to the right shows how many reciepes there is to that specific type of filter

Oh i see, is this function called something? So i can look it up :slight_smile:

If each of your food items was given a category then what you could do is filter by category.

For example if you had a category of Mains you could have sub categories of say Beef, Chicken, Fish, etc so the filter would narrow down your choice. Does that make sense?

Yeah makes sence, so then i need to filter them in each recipe, but how do i go on and create this layout for the filter”bar”?