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Security popup on restart

Hi all, this isn’t related to programming. On restarting my mac I had a security popup saying that security wants to make changes. It’s out of the norm. It doesn’t tell me what changes or why. After a short time there is another popup saying that the server couldn’t connect because the gRPC configuration timed out. Perhaps the two are related. Does anyone know what might be going on, or how I can see what changes it is that security wants to make? Without understanding what’s happening what’s happening I am wary about making any changes to the security settings.

Also, my logitech bluetooth mouse wasn’t working after the restart. This might simply be coincidence rather than related, but for some reason I can’t get it to connect anymore.


Hi Richard,

Were any software updates loaded automatically?

If you reboot your Mac again does that same window pop up? If so then capture a screenshot of it and post in a reply.

To get a screenshot of a defined area press Shift + Command + 4. This launches the built in Screenshot app and you will immediately see your cursor change to a crosshair. Click and drag diagonally across the screen section you want to task a snapshot of and then let go of the mouse button.

The screenshot will be saved to your desktop and all you have to do is drag that into a reply to this thread.

Thanks, Chris. I asked about this in the Apple forums too, and earlier got a reply from someone who gave me some advice as well. After some investigation I took a risk and authorised the popup. It seemed to be related to my ProtonMail Bridge, but I’m not 100% certain. Anyway, it has spurred me to do some cleaning up of my system and do a scan for viruses etc.

Here’s a link to our exchange in the Apple Forums, because there’s some things that I think are worth knowing about for anyone who’s interested. None of it programming related, but more knowledge can never be a bad thing :slight_smile:

There’s an interesting app that is mentioned that helps looks for problems in the system.