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Signed up but unable to see CWC+ on Dashboard

Just signed up 30 minutes ago, got charged via PayPal. Customer Hub is showing that my sub is active. However, CWC+ still not showing on my dashboard.
How long does this normally take?
Please advise. Thanks!

Instant normally…I’d email them about it. It is the weekend so I’m not sure if they respond on weekends.

Ah… yea, was expecting it to be instant. I emailed the care@codewithchris account.
Will give it a few days. Thanks for responding!

You might find that later today you will be able to try to log in and it will be done. I think there are a couple of people who check on new subscriptions and they are in different locations around the globe to have some sort of overlapping coverage in a 24 hour period.

Good to know! Thank you.