Simple Audio Player with Xcode 11.1

Hi Chris, or the greater community. I am not a coder. :slight_smile: However, I am very patient. I built a simple audio player app (my first) using Chris’ video tutorial on YouTube about three months ago. It worked fine. It downloaded to my iPhone 6s for testing and was working perfectly. A simple play and pause button with a background photo. When I upgraded to Xcode 11, suddenly nothing works. Is there an updated video tutorial on how to create a simple audio player using Xcode 11?

Its not working because you created the app in xcode 10 or earlier and an earlier version of swift. You can google how to convert earlier apps to the latest xcode and swift versions.

Thanks dracosveen - I suspected that was my issue. I’m hoping there was an updated video somewhere of how to do it in Xcode 11. :slight_smile:

No problem. This might help you.