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SimServer not Stopping for XCode

 Before I have to get down and dirty with macOS I was wondering if anyone else has had this 


When I am going through the lessons, XCode would crash periodically on me. As I looked into it, the simulator code is not exiting when I quit the simulator. So, multiple instances will be open and they conflict heavily with Google Chrome. Not asking anyone to diagnose this, just wandering if you already went though it and might have a handy link? If not, I will start troubleshooting this issue myself.

It’s totally not related to the code we are building, just the IDE and sim software.


What do you mean exactly when you say “…when I quit the simulator…” When you run your code on the simulator, how are you stopping the program?

I am stopping it in every manner that I am aware that the application avails to me.

I have stopped it with the “stop” button on the IDE, the red x on the simulator and even command q.

I get multiple instances of the simserver process and ultimately, the video player in Chrome collides with this process and takes down the whole OS (that’s not very BSD like).

I still don’t understand what you are getting at when you are saying that you have “multiple instances of simserver”. Where are you seeing that?

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processes - orphaned processes in the activity monitor.

If you haven’t seen this, that’s ok. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time troubleshooting it. I will take it up with Apple.

If I get a solution, I will post it in case anyone else bumps into it.

It’s really weird as it is primarily a memory issue and this is a 2019 iMac, with 8 GB ram and latest os/xcode. :frowning:

Thank you for looking at it, and if you are actually interested… you are welcome to continue… I just don’t want anyone feeling that they need to help on what is truly not a Code with Chris error.