Social network tutorial

Dear Chris and team,

I joined your program recently and really like it, but I cannot see that there is any social network tutorial to make apps similar to instagram or facebook which is what I want to make. Would you be able to send me a tutorial or guide for how to make that? For my app I would like for the user themselves to post pictures and information in collection views like instagram and similar apps like apple’s own photo app do.

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Hello Cecilie, I do not have the answer to your question but I am also interested in learning this sort of thing as well, Please could you forward any details you get to my email? My email is I would happy to hear your response

Hello @Cecilie welcome to the community!

Within Chris’ paid course there’s a “photo app” which could be the starting point of a social networking app.

Please note though, building apps like this can get very advanced very quickly!! I wouldn’t recommend it for a complete beginner.

Given that though:
Here’s a series for how to build Twitter

Here’s a series for how to build YouTube