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Software discussion

Software Discussion and Wish list

This Topic is to discuss software that has been useful in iOS App development.

My wish list:


Software Description
Camtasia video editing
Zenhub kanban board style todo list
SF symbols to find system images more easily


Software Description
Procreate sprite and logo generation
  • updated to include the link Chris posted below for SF symbols

Download the SF Symbols App from the Developer site: SF Symbols - Apple Developer

Chris P, what other software would you recommend for new iOS developers that you wish you knew about when you first started?

For example, What are the best tools for capturing video of the simulator of your app?

I use the ScreenShot App. It not only captures screenshots of the entire screen, a window or a selected area but will also capture video of a Screen, a window or a selected area and does it really simply. Good enough for me anyway and if I need to edit it substantially then I use Final Cut Pro X.

Thanks! I forgot it can capture video too! I have shortcuts to my mouse to do a quick screen capture.

command, shift, 5 

To stop the video

command, shift, 5 

Then click on the stop button.