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Hello, I have been working through the Core ML course from Micah Beech and run into a problem or two !

1, The JSON files only contain one image of a Dog, and a video of a Cat. :frowning:
2, I built the app but it will not load any files to display in the app. And I don’t know why?

I can understand that the first part won’t work because of the JSON files are broken.
But I don’t know how to get the test data to show as in the second part of the app ?
I have downloaded the files and put them as prescribed, but they will not show. :unamused:

?Does anyone know how to fix the Core ML app ?

Sincerely . . . Thank You ! CatzShadowy !

But the files or base json already loaded only the image or video didnt?

Hello @fuerte.francis

Yes it access the JSON files but nothing happens. … I followed the link using Safari and found the url for the cat pic and dog pic myself. The program didn’t load of show them… It did the option to opacity out 0 is wrong, I think? I changed that and it did at least show the words.
I went on to the rest of the app, frustrated the first part didn’t work.

In the second part I trained the mlmodel successfully and changed the link as told to, and again no pictures or words showed.!. And I don’t know why? I thought I was changing the link to the Cat Dog testing material?

I really don’t understand why it will not work? The Testing Folder is full of pictures!
I have spent many an hour trying to solve it! But no luck, so far. :upside_down_face:

UpSet CatzShadowy !

Hooray !! I found the error !

// Start the data task

Got left out of my program AnimalModel.swift file. I found it by rerunning the videos and checking everything again. Wow don’t know how I missed it :upside_down_face: :thinking: :shushing_face:

Problem solved everything is now working as it should. !!
And I can complete the course.

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Oh teah its easy to forget something as simple as making it run first.

If you are interested maybe you can take a look at alamofire as well https://codewithchris.com/alamofire/