Soundboard App Help

I followed Chris’s tutorial on how to make a simple soundboard. I modified the instructions to produce my own custom app. I was able to get the app to work on my phone, but the sounds only play if I have my iPhone’s side switch turned on. So it’s playing the sounds as if they are ringtones/alert sounds. How can I change this, so it plays the sound EVEN with the iPhone’s switch turned on to silent mode?

Hi @nellakcin Welcome to the community

Try this:

do  {

try AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setCategory(AVAudioSession.Category.playback)

}  catch(let error) {

That is an interesting question, let me know how it goes.


Thanks for the reply Mark. Should I place this under each IBAction for each button? Or where should I put this code?

I placed the code you wrote out into my first button to test it out. It worked on that button AND all 8 other buttons that worked!


After further testing, the rest of the buttons only worked after I pressed the first button.

Placing this code within every Buttons IBAction allowed it to work. Thanks again Mark!