Speech to text in phone call for hearing imapired

Hello developers. It’s a pleasure to write you. I would like to know how to make a voice to text phone call to help deaf oralist and hard of hearing communicate with hearing people. Like the RogerVoice and Pedius app but those apps charge. I want to do it for free. I have seen a very interesting Google application called Transcribe Live. But in my opinion it would be great if Transcribe Live was merged into the phone call without pressing the button. It is rude to press a button to speak. Could you help me to know how to do it? I appreciate would you enormously. Thank you.

Hello Developers. I have seen on Twitter and it says that some developer can use their tool on GitHub to make an application. So honestly it makes me angry because I don’t know how to make an application. I only studied the Swift programming language, nothing more. So I don’t know how to make an application in Xcode. I am hearing impaired, I need to build an application to call my family and friends. Forgive me in case I disturbed you. I frankly need help.

Anything I would appreciate if you could tell me something that would be useful for me to know. Have a good weekend.

Hi Jorge,

Reading the documentation that accompanies the GitHub repo it says that the product is for Android applications so given that this community is dedicated to iOS Development (the Apple ecosystem) then you would be best advised to seek help from a community group that it dedicated to Android development.

The best of luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Thank you very much Chris. I did not know anything. Anyway I have Android Studio and Xcode, I still don’t know how to do it. Chris you are very kind for your effort that your information has served me. You have a good day.